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A fully functioning brake system is crucial to your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of other drivers on the road. When you press down on the brake pedal, the master cylinder pressurizes a system of hydraulic brake lines leading to each of the vehicle’s wheels, where brake pads or shoes press against a disc or drum and create the necessary friction needed to slow the vehicle to a complete stop. Over time, this friction and heat has the potential to wear down the brake shoes, brake pads, calipers, brake rotors, and other braking components. While the components comprising each brake system may vary, the warning signs for impending brake repairs are the same.


Brakes & Rotor Service

Replacing your brakes and rotors is about more than just stopping your wheels from squeaking every time you pull up to a stop sign. Brake and rotors repair is essential if you want your vehicle and everyone in it to remain safe. Worn brakes will wear on the rotors until eventually every component of your braking system is warped. You can prevent this scenario by simply scheduling regular brake and rotors repair with the mechanics at Auto Evolution in Oakville, On.

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