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Check Engine Light & Diagnostic

The Check Engine light on your vehicle can tell you a lot about the health of your engine and alert you to problems that may arise from failing sensors, ignition components, leaks, and more. Though your Check Engine light may not tell you exactly what the solution to your problem is every time, having your Check Engine light trouble code scanned at Auto Evolution, can help point you in the right direction to begin your repairs and continue your diagnosis.


Check Engine Light Oakville

Your Check Engine light can come on for a multitude of reasons, including everything from a major engine failure to a loose gas cap that could be creating an evaporative emissions leak. There’s really no way to be certain what is causing the Check Engine light to illuminate or blink without having it tested and the codes retrieved. In many cases, a blinking Check Engine light may indicate a more severe problem that could cause engine failure or severe damage, and it may be best to limit driving the vehicle until you can have the problem diagnosed. A Check Engine light that comes on solid often indicates a less pressing issue that should still be addressed, but the vehicle may still be able to be driven to Auto Evolution in Oakville, to have your Check Engine codes read.

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